Thesis and Project

Thesis and Project

Students are required to submit thesis and sessional course project reports as per the OBE template given below. A workshop on the new OBE curriculum was organized by the SAC titled "BUET EEE Workshop on OBE Curriculum For 3rd and 4th Year Undergrad Students". The workshop discusses the Thesis and Project Report templates in details. The recording of the workshop can be found in YouTube. Here is a tutorial on LaTeX in YouTube

Thesis Evaluation and Assessment Policy (from July 2023)

As per BUGS Meeting No 11/2023 (Date: November 19, 2023), new policy regarding evaluating thesis is taken. For the detailed policy, please see the Thesis Evaluation and Assessment Policy

Please see the Notice by the Head of the Department on Thesis Evaluation.

Draft Thesis submission
  1. Students will submit initial draft copy of thesis to their respective supervisors by the 14th week of 2nd semester
  2. Students will submit 3 hard copies of their updated draft thesis to their respective thesis supervisor and external examiners by / before 1 week of the thesis presentation date.
  3. The supervisor will check plagiarism of the thesis with plagiarism check software
  4. Examiners will evaluate the draft thesis book and final presentation as per rubric.
Mandatory Final Thesis Submission

As per BUGS decision (BUGS Meeting No 11/2023), as a mandatory requirement for graduation, students must submit a hard copy thesis, in approved template, duly signed by their respective supervisors, to the Faculty of EEE library, and submit the acknowledgement slip from the library to their respective advisors. Respective advisors will only forward the application of graduation after the receipt of the acknowledgement slip. Faculty of EEE library will store the thesis for at least 3 years. Such hard copy of thesis will not be publicly uploaded into the website.

Thesis Templates
Sessional Course Projects Templates

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