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Course Equivalency

Course Selection Rule

The following documents mention BPGS rules regarding courses:

Presently there are three divisions of specialization, namely (1) Electrical Energy and Power Systems (EEPS) Division (2) Electronics and Photonics (EP) Division and (3) Communication and Signal Processing (CSP) Division, under which a postgraduate student can specialize.

  1. For the degree of M.Sc. Engg., a student has to take a minimum of 6 (six) courses of which at least 3 (three) are from his/her chosen Division, and remaining 3 (three) are from the Interdisciplinary group or any Division.
  2. For the degree of M. Engg., a student has to take a total of 10 (ten) courses of which at least 5 (five) are from his/her Division and remaining 5 (five) are from the Interdisciplinary group or any Division.
  3. The topic of the thesis (for M.Sc. Engg. degree)/ project (for M. Engg. degree) must be related to the Division of the student or the Interdisciplinary group.
  4. The course EEE 6002 can be taken by a student only once in any program irrespective of the topic title under EEE 6002.
  5. MAXIMUM number of seats for each course is 40 and minimum is 5.
  6. When any M.Sc. Engg./M. Engg. student is registered for credit for the first time, he/she must register for a minimum of 3 credit theory course. They can also register for a thesis/project course from this semester. Postgraduate students who have admitted before April 2021 semester, for thesis/project registration, MUST apply to the Head of the Department with the consent of the prospective supervisor.

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