Industry Advisory Panel

Industry Advisory Panel

Industry Advisory Panel Members

as approved by BUGS-EEE in BUGS Meeting No. 01/2023 Date: January 22, 2023

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Terms of Reference

as approved by BUGS-EEE in BUGS Meeting No. 07/2022 Date: August 27, 2022


The Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP) is a body for advising and supporting the Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) through continual development and improvement of courses taught in undergraduate and postgraduate programs and lab facilities, collaborative research activities, and feedback on course content and quality of teaching-learning process.

Terms of Reference:

The terms of reference (ToR) of IAP will be as follows: 1) Help with academic planning and accreditation, providing input on research directions, and supporting in the identification of research problems, critical issues, development/improvement related to industries etc. 2) Help the department to contribute towards the sustainable development goals (SDG) of the nation and to achieve international prominence. 3) Provide advice on curricular issues, e.g., identify gaps and weakness, and introducing leading-edge technology, recommend the changes and developments needed in course structure, curriculum to ensure that the courses remain relevant to practicing electrical and electronic engineers. 4) Advise the department and collaborate about industrial training, industry visits, placement/internship arrangements and guest lectures. 5) Advise the department for recruiting high-quality undergraduate and graduate students and update the department about the needs of employers and the way in which these needs are met. 6) Provide an external review of the operation of the department upon request from an industrial and commercial perspective.

Organization of the Panel:

The Panel will be formed by BUGS of the department. The panel members will be selected in every two years. The Head of the department of EEE will arrange meeting among the members at least once in every six months or when necessary. The Head will chair the meeting and the outcome will be reported to BUGS by the Head.

• The IAP will comprise of representatives from government and non-government organizations, industries (private and public), and academia. • IAP members may include persons from foreign organizations and industries. • Expected number of members will be minimum 15. • The IAP may define their operating structure. However, there will be a chair and a secretary. It is recommended that the Head, EEE will be the chair and BUGS Secretary will be the secretary of IAP.

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