Some of the testing services, including but not limited to, provided by the Dept. of EEE, BUET are listed below:

·      Transformers and transformer oil test (click here for details)

·      Electric cables and conductor tests  (click here for details)

·      Switchgear test

·      PFI plant test

·      Lamps and light bulb tests  (click here for details)

·      Inverter circuit test

·      Solar panel flash test

·      Solar charge controller test

·      Solar pump controller test

·      Solar battery tests

·      Industrial battery tests

·      Automatic voltage stabilizer test

·      Electric fans and regulator tests

·      UPS test

·      Motor starter test

·      Switch test 

·      Capacitor bank test

·      Test and calibration of meters, variac, current injector, etc.

·      Circuit breaker tests

·      Generator and motor tests

·      Copper terminals lugs and service ball tests

·      Earth resistivity test

·      Surge arrestor test

·      High voltage insulator test

·      Power quality of incoming feeder test

·      Computer monitor and Television tests

·      Transformer sound level (dB) test

·      Incubator tests

·      Household items such as rice cooker, electric stove, blender test

Most of the above mentioned tests are performed by the Dept. of EEE, BUET on a regular basis. In addition to these, the department always welcomes unconventional, new tests related to the field of electrical and electronic engineering.