Dr. Sajid Muhaimin Choudhury

Assistant Professor

Academic Background

PhD, Purdue University, USA, 2019

MSc, BUET, Bangladesh, 2011

BSc, BUET, Bangladesh, 2009

Contact Info
  • sajid@eee.buet.ac.bd

  • ECE 331

  • +88 01611 978 855

Dr. Sajid Choudhury is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of EEE, BUET. Dr. Choudhury completed his PhD from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Purdue University. Dr. Choudhury had the privilege of acquiring skills of both experimental and numerical approaches to solve problems related to photonics. His  goal is to establish an independent research career in Bangladesh with multidisciplinary collaborations to attack problems related to food safety, energy, healthcare and communications. Dr. Choudhury is a member of the IEEE and OSA. For more details, please visit his personal website: sajid.buet.ac.bd

Keywords/ Research Interest

Nanophotonics, Metasurface, Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Numerical Electromagnetics, Open Source EM Simulation.


Amr Shaltout, Sajid Choudhury, Alexander V Kildishev, Alexandra Boltasseva, Vladimir M Shalaev, "System for producing ultra-thin color phase hologram with metasurfaces", US20160334758 A1, Date: 2018/4/24 Application Date:2016/5/11, Patent Number:9952557 Application number: 15152535

Recent/Selected Publications

* Sajid M Choudhury, Di Wang, Krishnakali Chaudhuri, Clayton DeVault, Alexander V Kildishev, Alexandra Boltasseva, Vladimir M Shalaev, "Material platforms for optical metasurfaces", Nanophotonics 7 (6), 959-987 (2018)
* Sajid Choudhury, Urcan Guler, Amr Shaltout, Vladimir M. Shalaev, Alexander V. Kildishev, Alexandra Boltasseva, "Pancharatnam–Berry Phase Manipulating Metasurface for Visible Color Hologram Based on Low Loss Silver Thin Film", Advanced Optical Materials 2017, 5, 1700196.