Arik Subhana


Academic Background

BSc, BUET, Bangladesh, 2017

Contact Info

  • ECE 930

  • +88 01537 087 603

Arik Subhana is currently working as a lecturer at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). She completed her B.Sc. in EEE from BUET in 2017 and now is pursuing her M.Sc. degree here. Her research interest lies in power electronics and high voltage engineering.

Keywords/ Research Interest

Power Electronics

Recent/Selected Publications

1. Arik Subhana, Faizah Zahin, Fahim Abid, Md. Ziaur Rahman Khan, ‘Emergency Backup Power to a Rural Hospital in Disaster Condition’, in 4th International Future Energy Electronics Conference, Singapore, Nov 25-28, 2019.
2. Md. Messal Monem, Rafat Jamal Tazim, Fatema Tuj Johora, Md. Ibrahim Al Imran, Sanzida Sayedul Surma, Fariba Islam, Rashid Shabab, Celia Shahnaz, Arik Subhana, ‘Non-Invasive Bilirubin Level Quantification and Jaundice Detection by Sclera Image Processing,’ in IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, Seattle, USA, 17-20 Oct, 2019.