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Update personal website

Your new web address is http://<email user name>.buet.ac.bd such as http://dewan.buet.ac.bd. To update your personal web content using CPanel do the following:


1. Enter https://<email user name>.buet.ac.bd:2083 in the address bar of a web browser to log in to CPanel. It is important to note here that CPanel login address starts with https not http.

cpanel 1

2. Enter your CPanel user name (other than email user name) and password in the corresponding fields.

cpanel 2

3. Click on File Manager to browse your web files.

cpanel 3

4. Upload your web files in the public_html directory.

cpanel 4

Note that the first page (home page) of your web site must be index.htm or index.html or index.php which must be placed in public_html directory. Do not delete cgi-bin directory that resides inside public_html directory. This is a system directory and necessary for your web site.

5. Never forget to change your password after first logon. To change your CPanel password go to CPanel control panel and click on Password and Security.

cpanel 5

For further detail you may download Cpanel User Guide.